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Simulink for economists, for Mathworks.Inc.


Dear Sirs,
Sorry my poor English.
My  students don't like, that you have no Simulink economic demos. 
They don't like bouncing boll. .They like bouncing money. 
I send You three simplest demos from my economic course. You may do its better.
Open Winzip file  on disk C:. 
  1. Demo:  Search optimal profit  tax rate. 
    You have continuous and discrete TaxRate(Dsc).mdl and .m files.
    Left integrator is firms capital in TaxRate(Dsc).mdl.
    Right integrator is tax sums accumulator on state budget account.
    We simulate money trajectories for firm capital and state budget. 
    We draw budget money graphic for time interval finish, as function of tax rate and firm profitability.
    You should open TaxRate.m file in editor/debugger and run it. You look maxs on fig.
  2. Demo: The web model of market equilibrium price .
    In DmdSplEqu.mdl we have: demand and supply Fcn blocs, Delay for seller.
    You should:
    Open DmdSplEquM.m and run it.
    Program plot static features.
    For 5 second pause double click both switches to bottom (ini position on top).
    The .m program will plot web transition for equilibrium price.
  3. Demo: Over production cycles and crises.
    In parkprdct.mdl we have:
    Top integrator output is needed customer goods park.
    Bottom two integrators and delay simulate real customer goods park
    Saturation output is current demand.
    Production is simulated with delay.
    Start model. Look Scopes. Change delays. Look cycles and crises features.
You should have russian fonts for reading word demos description 
from my book "Matlab_Simulink - laboratory for economist".
If You will have problems, delete russian letter "" in .m and .mdl files comments.
I am looking forward to your replay.

My adress:  125252, Moscow,  Zorge street, 16, flat  94, Igor  Cisar.
 Phone  (095)  943-19-29,   e- mail: .
Yours sincerely,